Koke Nunez


I’m Koke Nunez, a Spanish Graphic Designer. Currently working and living in Sevilla, as a freelancer.

I’m a graduate in Graphic Design from CEADE Leonardo (4 years) and CEA (1 year), both in Sevilla and I have more than 5 years of experience working as a freelance and being a self-taught person.

I’ve worked with important brands and companies in the cinematic industry as:

Music companies that work for Hollywood and different music bands: Audiomachine (LA), Immediate Music (LA), Epic North (Finland), Really Slow Motion (LA), Hi-Finesse (LA), Brand X Music (LA), Icon Trailer Music (LA), EMI music production (UK), Diego Guerrero (Spain) or Warner Bros. These companies have worked for some of the most famous film production companies, like Warner Bros, Columbia, Lionsgate, Dreamworks, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Disney and many more. You can find all of them on the Clients page.

Filmmakers and movie producers: Montreux Entertainment (Spain), Sicario Pictures (Ireland), HAZE Productions (Ireland) and many more.

I’m Koke Núñez, a Spanish Graphic Designer & Photographer. I am currently working and living in Seville as a freelancer. My passion for graphic art started when I was young and I was really fascinated by movie posters and CD covers of film/videogames soundtracks. Because of this passion I started to create my artworks.

I worked on high profile brands like: Audiomachine, Immediate Music, Epic North, Really Slow Motion, Hi-Finesse, Brand X Music, Strezov Sampling, Eduardo Tarilonte, Imagine Music, Icon Trailer Music, VST Buzz, Rumble Head, Sub Pub Music, Songs To Your Eyes  and many more.

My work has been featured on various magazines, books and pages like: Trailer Music World Post, Trailer Music Vine, Trailer Music Awards, Trailer Music News, CEADE Leonardo, Behance and many other.

More about me:

I’m interested in film posters, CD music artworks, motion graphics, magazines and advertising.

Moreover, I compose music for motion picture advertising. You can listen to my music in 

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