Cafe Del Mar 40th Anniversary

This is a fan made of Cafe Del Mar 40th anniversary album cover CD + Vinyl I did for a college project on Packaging subject.

They are the label behind the renowned Café del Mar compilations. The albums, sold in millions, are considered as the most successful and influential series in the world. Over the years they have established a position among the leading independent record companies in the business.  Alongside our annual series we continue to create and release wide range of exciting concepts, featuring some of the most iconic electronic music artists, as well as showcasing the new talents.

As a gift for all listeners, fans and followers of Café del Mar, it will be create another compilation for the 40th anniversary of the producer. This compilation includes the best songs that were included in different album that the producer has taken, having regard to the taste of the consumers, the number of reproductions and the favorite themes of the listeners.

Unlike previous albums, this new compilation has wanted innovate in the design of the front of it. If in special previous ones I opted for elements own bar Café del Mar, in this new attempt to go to the other essential element that makes the bar special and different from the rest. Such as the sea air, the water, the sunsets, the white bar accompanied by gold and blue, are the elements that give life to an innovative design, while maintaining the graphic style and the visual line of his predecessors. So, this album has a design between the abstract and the dream, giving a vital importance to the company logo, which was not previously well spent.

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