Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory – cover artwork designed for Revolt Production Music

Conspiracy Theory is a dark, sparse and eerie pulsating tension album, with ambient textures, intriguing themes and emotive sustaining pads and drones. Somber and intense underscore feel with a unique sinister melodic mood. Dramatic, Dark, Ambient and Ominous.


Revolt Production Music is a production music company based in Los Angeles, CA. We score custom and library music for the advertising industry as well as for TV, primarily in the tension, underscore and action/suspense genres. We have worked for many of the biggest networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, Discovery and History Channel. We also do trailers and TV Spot and our latest placement can be seen in the TV Spot for Netflix’s Daredevil featuring our track “Quantum Collision” from our album Revolt (RPM003).

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