Drowning Abyss

“Drowning Abyss is an epic pirate and adventure album with triumphant melodic themes, thunderous percussion and some intense and powerful victorious choir segments. Avast, me mateys! Tis a fine album has dropped anchor. A trailer music treasure trove is on the horizon and you, our trusted listeners, are at the helm!”

Composed by: Mattia Turzo, Massimiliano Foti, Jacopo Cicatiello, Cody Still, Ryan Scully, Alexandros Nikolaidis, Tim Besamusca, Christian Fernando Perucchi, Mike Marino, Natanel Arnson, Kevin Smithers, AJ Sealy, MikroMatique, Patryk Scelina and Daniel Burnette.


Sub Pub Music is a music production company based in Los Angeles, California. We score custom music for film, television, commercials, and movie trailers. Our client list includes every major movie studio, trailer house and advertising company as well as many international well known companies and brands.


Listen the album

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