Mammoth Epic. Full-on. Modern. Our second collaboration album with Really Slow Motion delivers Mammoth-sized sound design stampede and hybrid mayhem produced for huge trailers.

Composed by Paul Houseman, Karri Neenberg, Hannu Honkonen, Tapsa Kuusniemi and Henri Vartio, Mastered by Henri Vartio at Noisework Productions,

Cover Art: Koke Nuñez Gomez

Published by Really Slow Motion

Availability: Industry (Public in 2016)


The Frozen North  the realm of ice and snow, of Thor and Old man overlord, of bear skinned llamas and weather hardened men. Into this world Epic North was born.

Epic North is the only epic trailer music collective that survives the subzero temperatures of the arctic. Our band of sound warriors produces high impact motion picture advertising music. We combine the unique skills of Finland’s finest media composers and sound designers to bring you a cool refreshing look on the world of trailer music.


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