ReGensis . The dawning of a new era is here. An unprecedented and massively groundbreaking release containing fearlessly dark sequences, planet-shaking sound design and epically breathtaking themes.


Brand X Music is a boutique music catalogue that launched in early 2002. Our Volume One: Compilation consisted of only 25 custom, scored to picture cues. Though our humble beginning was low in quantity, it was high in quality. Editors and supervisors around the world agreed. Today, the Brand X Catalogue consists of over 1,000 cues, and has become one of the most popular libraries in Film and TV Advertising.

Brand X’s clients run the gamut of the entertainment industry; from film studios and television networks to video game developers and webisodic producers. We strive to be at the forefront, creating unique music to fit the ever-sophisticated needs of our creative clients.


John Sponsler had his first piano lesson at age five. He was clearly passionate, and that passion motivated him to lead the proverbial rock bands as a teenager, when he frequented the now legendary LA club scene. John also worked as a songwriter, arranger and producer for independent artists and these skills eventually led him into film and television scoring.

Tom Gire began his career traveling the world as a musical director for a luxury cruise line. By visiting so many places and experiencing world-wide culture, Tom infused his musical palette with spice from around the globe. Leaving a life of adventure behind, he came to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of composing for film and TV. Tom honed his MIDI skills producing pop songs and was introduced to John Sponsler in 1998. Their working relationship and friendship grew into what is now Magic Box Music.

From Santana’s Grammy Award winning hit, «Game of Love» to Apple iPod’s commercial «Feature Cast» to New Line Cinema’s Take The Lead film trailer, Chris Garcia’s musical versatility appears limitless.

Chris got his break in the record industry, working with Dido, Jewel, Stevie Nicks, The Pretenders, KD Lang, Johnny Guitar Watson, Cyndi Lauper, Ice Cube, Celine Dion, Jojo, Maroon 5 and Mary J. Blige. Chris has immersed himself in every aspect of music production for these artists including bass, guitar, keyboards, drum programming, vocal production and a sense of humor.

Having worked on over 100 records, including Dido, Jewel, Stevie Nicks, The Pretenders, KD Lang, Johnny Guitar Watson, Cyndi Lauper, Ice Cube, Celine Dion, Jojo, Maroon 5 and Mary J. Blige, Chris now brings these high production standards to the commercial music & movie trailer industry, distilling the classic three-minute hit song down to 30 seconds of sheer excitement.

In early 2007, Josh Lynch began working as the assistant to both John Sponsler and Tom Gire as engineer and technician. After a few years of learning the palette of Brand X Music, Josh began submitting cues for the library. He has become a new creative force inside the catalogue. In addition to co-writing pieces for the catalogue, he also plays guitar and drums. Josh continues to manage and maintain both composers’ studios as well as their main writing room in Santa Monica at Remote Control.


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